Single Hung Windows Are a Classic Choice for Any Home

Single hung windows don’t take up any exterior or interior space, so they are perfect for any size room, even smaller bedrooms and bathrooms. Our single hung windows have one locking mechanism, keeping your home safe and secure, and they also protect your home from the elements, hurricanes and other forces of nature. Best of all, single hung windows are a cost-effective window option without having to compromise on quality. With quality, style and function that can’t be beat, it’s no surprise our single hung windows are the perfect choice, giving your home a classic, traditional look that is always in style.

Benefits of Our Single Hung Windows

At Weston Impact Windows, Impact Doors, Accordion Shutters and Doors, we can provide you with meticulously crafted single hung windows that will provide a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Superior energy efficiency – We offer replacement windows that meet the most stringent marks for efficiency. Thanks to insulated glass, our windows minimize heat transference and can potentially lower your monthly energy costs as a result.
  • Improved durability – Constructed from extra-thick aluminum, our single hung windows can withstand whatever inclement weather Mother Nature has in store.
  • Enhanced security – Our replacement windows are designed with an interlocking system that is virtually impenetrable, which will help to deter any efforts by home invaders.

For additional information about our sliding windows, contact the professionals at Weston Impact Windows, Impact Doors, Accordion Shutters. We are proud to serve homeowners in Florida and all neighboring communities.