Impact windows faqs

Have questions? Check our FAQS and get some idea of our distribution business.

How long does it take for me to receive my products?

Usually, your order will be shipped 12–14 weeks after placing your order (subject to payment clearance).  Once you have placed an order, we will send you a confirmation email.

Do you offer free home estimates?

No, we don’t offer free home estimates. We are an impact windows and doors distributor company, and we provide hurricane impact products at a lower price than any other dealer.
Because our prices are more competitive, we prefer to maintain our lowest price without charging the costs of “Free Estimate” to the quote.
If you already have an estimate with the measurements of your openings (windows/doors), you can send us a copy to: info@impactwindowssupplier, hiding the prices on the quote. We will prepare an estimate online and return it to you at no cost.
If you want a personal estimate, we charge $300.00 because we need to contract an independent window installer in your area. The amount you’ve paid for the [in-home] measurements will be deducted from the order as a credit if you decide to go with us. This amount is charged before scheduling a visit to your house.
Finally,  we are sure you will save thousands of dollars in your remodeling or project for replacing the impact windows or impact doors in your house.

Do you offer Vinyl (Plastic) windows and doors?

No, never. The so-called vinyl windows and doors do not have the quality or structure or strength of aluminum. For this reason contractors and builders never use vinyl or plastic windows in buildings where the force requirements of winds and impacts are higher than those of a house.
In addition, the anchors that are made with the screws do not accept the pressure that they must have to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds. The white color of the plastic will blur to yellow in 5 years.

Ask the window plastic provider to give you a lifetime warranty, and you will have the answer.

What is the glass thickness of the windows and doors you provide?

We only use a minimum 7/16″ glass thickness for windows and doors, French or sliding. Some products, such as storefront windows or M-1000 sliding glass door models, use 9/16″ glass thickness. We never use 5/16″ glass thickness [Micke Mouse Impact Glass].

Can I expect to receive insurance premium discounts when I install Impact Windows, Impact Doors, and/or Accordion Shutters?

If the entire home is protected with Flioiw Impact Windows, policyholders can receive up to 25% in insurance premium discounts. In most cases, discounts range between 10-20%. Check with your insurance carrier to obtain more information about how to receive discounts on your insurance premiums by protecting your home with Weston Impact Impact Windows.

Where does Weston Impact operate?

Weston Impact offers sales in the South Florida area.

What are the shipping costs for delivery?

Shipping costs depend on the number of items and distance from Miami:

For example:
Miami area delivery is $400
Fort Myers: $600-$1200
Key West and Keys: $600-$1200
Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Port St. Lucie: $600-$1200

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

Yes. You will have a charge of 3% of the cost by the processor.

What payment methods exist in your company?

We accept bank checks, wire transfer, credit card  or cash as a method for payments. Your order will be processed once the check has been cleared and confirmed with our bank.

Is installation included in the purchase?

Installation is not included. We are a wholesale company that offers you the best price so you can save thousands of dollars. We can recommend a company of professional installers to install your windows and doors at contractor price. The cost depends on the number of items you will install.

Do your impact products have Miami-Dade county and Florida State approval?

Miami-Dade is known to have the most strict approval codes for hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors. Unlike many of our competitors who claim their products meet Miami-Dade code standards when very few do, all of our windows and doors are Miami-Dade County and State of Florida approved.

What if the prepaid goods are not delivered?

Your products will always be delivered. We have 20 years on this business and would never, ever make any fraud to our customers because that will be the end of many years of constructing an honest reputation.

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faqs impact windows frequent asked questions

faqs impact windows frequent asked questions

impact windows frequently asked questions

For any homeowner wishing to blend modern design with comfort, the products we use are a perfect choice. It boasts a flawless design, excellent thermal performance, and no prominent installation anchors.

Impact windows frequently asked questions,

To meet specific design goals and performance needs, various options faqs impact windows, including fixed, single-hung, and sliding windows and swing and sliding doors, are provided.

impact windows frequently asked questions,

We offer the most excellent Florida impact windows for even the most challenging projects, FAQS impact windows frequently asked questions efficiently serve the requirements of architects and general contractors. faqs impact windows frequent asked questions We can create dependable, efficient, and competitively priced solutions thanks to a combination of cutting-edge software technology and a team of talented engineers and designers who specialize in aluminum, glass, and window systems.

impact windows frequently asked questions,

Our installation service is reasonably priced, offers enough all-day weather protection, and increases the market value of your home.
faqs, impact windows frequent asked questions Thanks to our impact windows, you have further protected from domestic accidents and home invasions. Also, our windows enhance energy efficiency.

faqs impact windows frequent asked questions We are pleased to provide vital items made to withstand flying debris, which may even negate the need for further protection for your house during the stressful hurricane preparation process.

faqs impact windows frequent asked questions For your impact windows and doors in Broward, we provide a range of solutions, and we have them.
We can offer you the ideal products in various sizes and colors for your residential or commercial property, from standard to custom.